This is real and is happening in this present generation  and  is taking place just everyday . Desperacy is when we attempt  to get something at all cost .

A desperate time  with desperate  people  journeying through Mediterrenean sea , with a deadly boat  at a desperate time .

Over the years People have been on the move  either for  personal grounds , political reasons , or for  undisclosed reasons .

The world is learning the hard way that humanity is its worst enemy .

This type of desperacy or desperate journey was  reported  in the Bible when the isrealities were delivered from slavery by God  from  the hands of Egypt after the death of Joseph  . Remenber their wanderings in the wilderness up to the borders of canaan  and how many People perished in this journey ( Exodus, leviticus, numbers and deutronomy).

World war 11,  told the Story of  Palestine -European Exodus  !  , that was also a desperate time for people .

Recent years have the Story of People on a long  desperate journey . This journey is not only dangerous , it is deadly  and  very uncertain.

Some survivors of this deadly journey have given an account of a boat journey . One of them described the fears , the thoughts of dying , the swelling tide of boat , and the the last prayer said .

Deadliest Long journey ever  and   desperate years  for migrants  . According to international Organisation for Migration , about  4,868 dead People  were recorded  in 2013 , all  in pursuit of a better life  , 2013  has about 2,400 records  , 2011, 2012 .

People are dissatisfied  about the injustice and terror of this world , they are leaving and  heading to mediterranean sea , while some from Africa cross Gulf of Aden and red sea  to take  a  desperate long journey  to Europe , where they hope for a better life .

About 3,400 deaths  were recorded in 2014 by  UN refugee agency   . Greece Eastern Islands especially Lesbos has been reported  with the  highest influx of migrants ,about  350,000 People crossing from Turkey  in 2015 , another 129,000 rescued off Italian shores same time from  Jan-sept.2015, and that is not the end of this long desperate journey.

Hundreds are still on this long desperate journey  .  Everyday People are leaving their homes to escape  violence and death .  This calls for a quick end  to this so-called mess the world is facing today .

Protect These vulnerable People , care for them , their future has been tampered with . imagine after surviving sea journeys, crossing and getting over dangers , loosing families .

We are not going to quit writing until the world ejects corrupt leaders, terror and call people to order, until the world stop supporting evils, and until African leaders are ready to serve People and not their pockets . ” the idea is to write it so that the People hear it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart “- Maya Angelou –

have you ever been so desperate for something ?.  These our Brothers and sisters took this journey , not knowing what fate holds for them , think of being in a dangerous boat, in a temperature as low as 40. It must be something terrible, a terrible experience .

This desperate journey will continue unfortunately as Long as  no solution is at hand .