I am sure that many of you are having sleepless nights  and nightmares just like me  concerning to the  recent escalations of terror , mass killings , massive  displacement  of People  , crime rate and growing discriminations .

According to Einstein ” peace cannot be kept by force , it can only be achieved by understanding  “- so what is keeping us from seeking  the way of understanding , the way to   peace  , and the way that will make us live as one  ? .

Humanity  and creation.  God created heaven, earth and all in it with Passion. He loved His creations and blessed  them .  He did not Hand over His creations to any man to take over dominion to kill and suppress  , he did not create any  enemity  and never segregated, nor discriminated anyone . He adored his creations   ( book of Genesis, in the bible ).

Religeon is  the most essential of all order  that should create peace.  It is  very sacred  and should be respected .  The most sacred  order is today obscured and misinterpreted , and misused , see the result is  chaos , confusion, war and mass murder

God laid down his ten commandments . In all ,  he stressed love, love of one another, love of our neighbour. He did not necessarily mean our blood brothers , rather anyone in need . ” I may speak in different languages of People or even angels , but if i do not have love i am only a noisy bell or a crashing cymbal ” 1 Corinthians 13 .

Where is that love and where is that peace which God wished us on earth , ” Peace i leave with you , my peace i give unto you : not as the world gives , give i unto your heart . Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid ” – John 14:27. This is not a mere wish ,and not  a fake religion  it is a true wish which religion can Impact . This is not about  material, nor about pleasure .

Doubts, misconceptions , prejuidices , hatred , abounds today . Human minds are filled with evils  ,destructions  and with paralyzing actions that have kept the world at standstll.

Whatever differences , situations, and fanaticism  surrounding these escalations and misunderstanding , let us  jointly  addressed them  ,  because  this is an Epidemie , that should  jointly be  stopped  .

Countries should be more sensitive to issues and react instantly with transparency and good judgements. Leaders in churches and mosque should call their People to order, as there are no way forward without addressing religion , as it seem to be the reasons why  ,light of peace has been obscured .

it is not enough to put blames , it will be okey if we all join Hands to seek for a solution  , and the world will be one again , because the world urgently need peace.