Relationships can be very complicated  and messy  at times. Despite the fact that all species revolve around   relationship , still there are differences.

You get into a relationship sometimes thinking , oh !  ”  thats it “. Every relationship in life is very important, and calls for care .

In life there is sure going to be bitter and good relationships , in whatever Level of a relationship, always  watch out  for that  which makes you happy.

It takes two to tangle, and takes two to make a healthy relationship . Keep working hard on your relationship, and just make sure you water it.

Serious relationship leading to  romance or even marriages, should be handled with care, am not saying that other Level of relationships are not important , they are , but relationship at marriage Level should be handled with care and  respect .

It does not matter who you love , ramance or marry , why or how you love, all that matters is you love and you are loved in return.

You are in a mixed marriage or same culture marriage  depends on your value . You can have a bad experience in any type of marriage and you can also have it rosy , all depends on you both .

There are so many things going on   or happening in and around you . Things will sure come up that will distract or demand  your serious attention . For examples, work, activities in and around you,  extended families  and  demands from others .

It is so easy these days in this busy world to neglect your Partner.  Ofcourse , this  has nothing to do with mixed or no mixed marriages, it has a lot to do with the tempo with which we found ourselves in the world of  today, curb it and check the happiness of  your partner. You both deserve to be happy , anything short of that is not necessary .

So please !   ,  for the sake of your happiness, your children and the world at large , dont take your marriage/ relationship  for granted , always think of the good reasons why you came together .

Build your relationship on a solid foundation , love, respect of one another , forgiveness, letting go of the past  and  ofcourse  good communication. Feel free to talk about everything , dont Keep secrets and respect the feelings of one another . Dont be over crowded in your relationship , where everyone thinks she has a say  , it goes with some ill-feelings .

Have a common Goal , give room for flexibility , dont sleep with grudges and dont Forget to tell each other ” i love you ! it does not matter how many times , it is good for  the Body and the  Soul , and strengthens the relationship.

Take your relationship seriously, guard it against any kind of external attack, beware of sister-in-laws and bad mother-in-laws, you too must be sure you are fair in your judgement and dealings  .

Stay happy , and  be in a solid relationship !.