Dont ever want anything at all cost . It is very important and good to know what you want and be who God wants you to be. It is nice to be ambitious , but not over ambitious to the extent of missing your aims in life . Know your Limits  and dont  careless about those  you meet  on your way .

Dont Forget there is always a price to be paid  for everything we do in life .  Either too much or too Little  of anything ,  could be dangerous . So  be very ambitious in whatever you are doing , but dont be greedy in your pursuit of things .

Wanting to be that Person , makes  you  want to copy her , and makes you very ambitious , this  could be dangerous , because it makes you act  sometimes without reasoning .

Ambition as we know is what pushes us to attain a goal, and do better and better in anything we do .

Stick to your goals, you have plans , it is good for everyone to be ambitious , but it is bad for  anyone to compare and always want to compete with the other Person. This can make you want to copy , in the process you may forget yourself and your purpose in life . When this happens  !

You loose your aims, and  in so doing forget that you have all the time being competing with  someoneelse  . You desire to be like her or even do better than her . You find yourself always on the move, checking out on the latest about someoneelse . You cease to care about your Environment , become self-centered and use means to get just there .

This is not good for you, it is a bad Habit, you will forget your goals while copeting with someoneelse . When you get to know what you are doing wrong, you get frustrated , bitter , and get lost.  Everything is good, too much of anything could be bad .

Ambition is always good when used well, when used negatively backfires . So be moderate, be ambitious and be focused  and  ” be who God wants you to be “