Where is that world that my mum described to us !

a world of tolerance, peace love and understanding.

A world devoid of crime killing, Kidnapping and terror

that world has ceased to exist .


My childhood witnessed peace in our time ,

We could go out late to Play with our siblings and friends

while the elders sit in peace as

The watch us Play .

There were less worries , no fear and no suspicion

People were respected, elders had their places and families were

holy and sacred .


Children were thought discipline ,

Mothers cared for the children and took care of homes

Fathers go to work and fend for the Family, Money , Food


Children listened to elders ,

elders lived an exemplary life

Marraiges were sacred and respected,

Men and women behaved themselves

and Family values were kept


Divorce was a taboo word !

Children had intact homes ,

a home that gave them sense of belonging

and direction .

States respected the upbringings of children

and encouraged families,

Families groomed well- behaved children the future

of a Nation.


Leaders were leaders and not corrupt

education was valued and children were sent to School.

religeon was holy and curbed excessess.


Today, that world has ceased to exist,

No respect, no manner, and no value,


Everyone is just doing what he likes,

Computer is taking up functions  and the state

is backing the children,

Marriages are breaking,

Many more Kids are in broken homes

The state watch and say nothing

, as the ex wives and husbands plung into

cold war ,

The ex-wife use the children to terrorise the ex-husband .


Children are brought up in this Milieu where the learn, no tolerance, no

respect and do what they like ,

the grow up, with no education  or half education ,

but no manner, get into the world unequipped

and unprepared to face an unchanging world !


They  breakaway, get into drugs, smoke heavy chains,

carry guns, steal , molest women and are easy Prey for Terror

they get them brainwashed, give them guns to kill

and tie  bomb around  their  waste with a commando

to join the crowd and kill .

this is a Generation that have no Chance

to see what we saw, witness what we did in the past ,

this world is no more  .


Where is  that our old world ! .