Bild1 Afrikaner in Ketten


Africa is burning !  unchain  Africa the heart of culture, land of  Beauty  , nature and richness.

Africa  is so rich and at the same time so poor !. Why ?  ,This question is hunting  us Africans  .

This Boy in chain  speaks and depicts a Nation in chain , in agony ,  Frustration  and helpless , this is the face  most Africans  wear about today !

I was priviledged to speak  at an African week in  Augsburg  in November 2015,  on reasons why Africa has remained poor and underdeveloped,  despite its  vasely   richly  natural Mineral resources .

The Problem with Africa is old  and contagious  , Africa takes top position  in corruption  and rank highest with stories of   leaders that love to stay  in Office for life  .

Otherwise why would  most countries like Zimbabwe  , Burundi , still be experiencing dictatorship ? and why should Niger , Ethiopia /Somalia be experiencing hunger and what of the giant of Africa Nigeria. A land with oil but no regular  power supply .

why this diversity, hunger, inequality ! and why are the  citizens so corrupt , to the extent of competing with the leaders ? .

Nigeria  with its blessings 280 Billion worth of oil since 70s , Angola with oil and Diamonds , Congo with different types of Minerals  is still in war , now Burundi . Bajumbura capital of Burundi is littered  with dead bodies , and People are killed and shut at sight , why ? .

Kenya, Mali, Bukina Faso , Nigeria, North Africa are experiencing a new wave of Terror .  These are youths that have no vision no perspectives and no hopes . Yet the existing leaders want to hang on there in power delivering ” a  serve yourself first government ”  .

Engage these youths, give them hopes and let them know the way to education. This is the only key to opening their fanatic hearts .

The book of Meredith the british Journalist , historian  and author of Nelson mandelas and Robert Mugabe `s books  described Africa from the hopes of freedoom to the heart of decay. This  calls for leaders to re-think, and re-plan .

A continent with 53 countries , with history of confusion,  a case of too much wealth, bad leaders series of Coups and wars that have kept the Country from moving Forward. What a sad record  ! .

Most  nations that did not have half of what most african nations  have , for example,  South Korea, Germany, and many more have transformed their countries  into economic powers , yet most African countries   are still struggling with corruption, and sinking into deeper  poverty . Isnt this sad ?.

History has it that Africans in the colonial times  lived miserably and still in misery till today . Africans are in chain , and it is only  great leaders with conscience that can unchain Africans  from this decay .

Many Congolese were reportedly killed by the then Leopald the colonial  master ,   Portugese fought then  to keep Angola, Mosambique, Guinea-Bissau .

Britain was then busy  in the  west and in  some East  Africa . Europeans , America and even Asians , abound in the land of Africa as  they took all what they were able to lay their  hands on , and left us empty with the mentality of  ”  take what you can  and  dont rebuild   what you have  ”  ! wow ! what a thing to inherit .

Some countries  are struggling to riggle out of this inheritance .  For examples ,   Botswana with its  Diamond  , Namibia  and perhaps South Africa and now Ghana  are some of the countries with positive examples , to Show  that  “yes we can do it  ”  ! .

Come to think of it Africa  is not poor, rather  the big Problem Africa has  is  the question of  good government  and honest people . What i see as poverty in africa is corruption , and greed this is holding  Africa very backward, and sinking Africa as a Nation  down the abyss .

Leaders clinging to Office , not wanting to  relinguish power, hanging on forever, this is not your private property  , leave Office when it is time to leave and work for the People when you are in there .

Africans are in chain and in bondage , but this time not directly from the White man, rather  Africa is experiencing another time of  indirect rule , this is from the”  White man through  the black man  “.

Africans are experiencing another colonial era through their black  leaders that were supposed to be ” messiah “.  Our politicians, leaders and some priviledged will   continue to  seek first their riches   , while the leave the fate of the citizens to follow later .

Nkrumah , idi Amin   and many more leaders in the past and present have had  their  wastes  and some present ones are still very wasteful . When are all These going to stop and when can we  break this wave of corruption  like Jerry Rawlings did in   1990  ?, i dont mean killing , i mean calling corrupt men and women  to justice .  Getting the looted Money and getting  it circulate back into the System . Stop wasting  the resources of Africa , there are a lot to do to unchain the common man in the street and stop them from dying in the high sea .

Otherwise why would the president of Burundi be another Instrument to fuelling another war in  a country that have suffered several years of set back because of war !.

Africans are refusing  to identify with poverty . When i hear Things like  concerts  that were organised by likes of  Geldof  in the past to forgive africans  of their debts , ofcourse, this is a good gesture  , but my dear People who are These poor People !  and whose debt is being forgiven  ? , ” Africa as a Nation is rich , but the Africans are poor ” , why , why and why  ?.

Who said that Africa is poor ! No , Africa is not poor  they countries in Africa  are just very very  unfortunate , because even with well educated leaders,  when they come back , the sink into a decayed System that has no room for positive  Change , except that which they know and have come to imbibe as a System, that is corruption, a religeon of most african leaders  and some priviledged  .

When you attempt  to build good roads , no chance, get a functioning way of  disposing  wastes and keeping the Environment clean ,no Chance , organised System , just Forget it , As crazy as it sounds ,  there are many out there benefitting from the chaos in Africa hard to believe , but this is true .

When you cant help effecting Change , you succumb to the pressure of corruption. The old  dirty System  that is so bad and is willing to kill any  new Innovation.

Change the old System , it is becoming too cold for comfort , because the unborn are inheriting it as the old ones have it in their  System, it is hereditary and transmissible , it is a disease that needs to be cured .

Unchain Africa, my beloved leaders ! Everyone can be a great leader, but you have to make yourself credible .

Try to understand what went wrong in the past, then you can begin to mend  and stop this poverty in africa . You can begin to put heads together to stop this reckless business that is not moving us forward.  Begin to see the need of communicating truthfully to your citizens , welcome good plans , develop good listening attitude, stop being egoistic  and be  the leader with good soul and good spirit .

Call all to order, stop this division, stop bribes , allow equality a chance , make education at all level free, consider infrastructure , because they are the key to rebuilding a Nation .

The average african is either sick, dead, or is on the run to escape war, hunger and Terror  . They all  did not make it to Europe, many have died in the high see  , is that a way of ruling  ?.

Bad roads  are considered normal , Police road-blocks , no proper traffic lights ,   Men with guns  are in power because you could be shut at a sight  , aid can not solve our Problems but we ourselves .

It is never too late to  start rebuilding the broken Nation africa . Africa is our pride , our heritage and our home , please unchain us, unchain Africa and make a Africa a place to dwell . Reduce our pains  of hunger , terror, war, sickness and bad Govt, Stop killing our People  .Have a look at this Boy in chain, so was Africa during our colonial masters and so is most of us till today , God had a different plans for us , please unchain Africa.

So  !African leaders change and make room for change . Improve agriculture, build hospitals ,  give People good water , good roads, education ,  infrastructure, improve  waste disposal , encourage  recycling  , stop stealing from the poor , and   prevent  situations that will call for war .No more war , Africans are tired to be on the run .

No more life in chain, unchain the life of Africans and unchain truth, freedom , Fairness transparency and tolerance. Give peace a Chance and let there be a better tomorrow and no more Terror and immigrations of this Kind that the world is experiencing now  . Unchain Africa !

Africans are tired and Need good government, stability , peace , tolerance and freedom. Unchain Africa!  .

I trust that this will set us all thinking !.