We live in a crucial time , a critical  world full of negative People with negative judgements . A world full of judges. What a world we live in today ! a crucial place where everything is judged  , even your very thought is judged .

We  tend these days to  judge more of what others do and accept less of their good sides.  what a time ! and that is our  great time , our great world  with great People .

Judgement is what we add to discernment when we make comparison, of People ,imply how we ought People to be  and how they should  behave , inshort judgement involves element of dissatisfaction.

I have had time to think about this way of judgement , just because others took different roads to reach a goal , a desire , or have made mistakes in the past  does not make them a worst Person .

We are so easy to criticise, to condemn and to hate . Come to think of it, have we ever thought of looking into our own lives to see what we did or are doing  wrong  ?  this am sure are easily overlooked  by all of us .

” Judge others  you will be judged , the measure we  give , that is the measure  we will receive  ” – Mattew 7: 1-

I hate to occupy myself with the  negative thoughts of others , it is not very good way to busy ones´ mind, because it will Keep you real busy, rob you of your peace and happiness , and in the end, make you real hateful .

I ask myself today why wasting time thinking of what someonelse is thinking of me . If my past mistakes keeps him busy , that is his/her business , as for me i have accepted the way forward .

There are so much  that could be done  to Keep oneself positively busy , praying for example, relating with positively thinking People, writing, reading positive books , visiting someone in need , just  doing something  real positive .

When we learn to open our minds towards others ,  be sincere   and fair ,we will find out why they did , or behave in certain ways . Making hasty judgement , doesnt Show any intelligence, we all make mistakes, do silly things and wrong  people , still God died on the cross to save you and me .

Come to think of it , i have offended , spoken rudely to People , and today i see no need to bother my head about what others think about me , i can only ask those i have offended  to forgive me  .

Judging others less is something everyone can learn . It may look hard , but can be done, just do yourself that favour and judge others less , it is unhealthy and will not make you a better judge afterall.

We can make ourselves happier by doing good and being fair to others and most importantly by not making the same mistake again .

Iam happier and feel better , because i channel my time positively as i look into my life to check out what i am not doing right ,  being human we judge , but we have no right to condemn .

Whatever be the case reach your arm out and be more positive , if we truely want to make a difference in the world we have to avoid wasting all our lives judging, condemning and talking ill about others, afterall take your mirror you will see someone telling you who you are .

” Just because , they are not on your road doesnt mean they are gotten lost ” – Delia Lama –

When someone does something bad , we land quickly to judgement  and  condeming  them . Honestly  speaking ,  who is free of fault  !. Dont   deprive  yourself of peace , use your time preciously , it is a costly time you are wasting there , maybe that Person doesnt even know that you are busy thinking of her .

Let us always have a look at our own behaviours , educate ourselves and take a look into why.  So dont Forget ”  how we judge others is how we are judged  “- Maria Moraca –

Whatever, learn to accept  and speak openly to the person about what you are thinking , there may be a different meaning to that behaviour and the circumstances may be something you never would have imagined – we hate to be judged but we slip into judgement easily.. So please  let us judge others  less ! .

”  Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you ” .