I am making this choice, and you can also make this choice. Choosing to be happy is a personal choice  that everyone has the right to make , so it is upto  you to make your choice .

” A man is literally what he thinks ” , – James Allen .

Happiness is not just there waiting for you  to grab , you have the tools to create and re-define your world , because  you have the  greatest power , to change your world . Make your choice today say no to things that will dictate your happiness ,  ” Anything that changes your values changes your behaviour .. ” – George sheehan  -, so make your choice .

There is just no perfect time to be happy , or a perfect thing that could make you happy , there is just that perfect thing to do , look for that perfect person, hero in you , you possess the Quality .

Make it a part of you . Learn to do that and not settle with limitations , you have a dream, why not use your dream to deal with  disappointment, bereavement, hopelessness .   Some find joy in writing, in painting, in doing charity works  and  doing other positive things . Find your dream and use it to deal with difficult moments .

Mosttimes material things cant make us happy .

Things may not always go our  way ,because it is in most cases when things are going well that we tend to be happy.  The minute that we dont have that person , that  object or whatever that  has made us happy  , we begin to feel a sense of loss , a deep  hole is left in us and we feel empty and unhappy.

” one of the most tragic things i know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living . we are all dreaming  of some magical rose garden over the horizon – instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our Windows today  ” ,- dale carnegie, 1888-1955, american author, Trainer- .

We have to learn not to attach our happiness to anything, because nothing  is permanent , not even the life we live.  So  be positive about yourself , incase that disappears or disappoints .

We all have moments of ups and downs , it is just the way of life .  To tell you it is easy to stay happy when things are not going well will mean lying to oneself .

Have you taken a trip out there  to see someone who is blind, handicapped and had wished to have one quarter of what you have ? .  He has adopted the right attitude, accepted things he cannot change and  can even  smile , that is what conquering   adversity of unhappiness means , finding happiness in the face of adversity .   Sometimes we allow things of the world to dictate our happiness .

That guy out there is blind and have never seen what we all have enjoyed, is lame and cant walk , is deaf and cant hear, is  bedridden and is helpless , and what about  you and me who can not compare what we lack to what these people cannot buy with money.

” the best Things in life are yours ,if you can appreciate yourself .- dale carnegie-

Events of today are enough to depress and Keep us unhappy . We cant choose this way ,  otherwise , the world will be filled up with unhappy  miserable faces  that can not think  of making any Change.

So lets be the person we are meant to be , lets choose to be happy and lets  change the face of the world  .