Adieu, Goodbye, Tschüss  ” David Bowie “.

a Musical legend of the time ,

with your Songs and word Plays you

touched the heart of many .


Pop, Rockstar  and an Entertainer you were

and always  will be in the heart of those who

understand your Person and your  style ,

your meaningful songs have left a print

on earth,


Rise and fall of ziggy , stardust , Heros, Spiders from mars  shut

your fame high ,

you had your rough lives , made your mistakes

you were just human , with your weakness like

anyoneelse ,


Many thought that you had no stlye

and even likened your style to Chamaleon ,

a specie with coats of many colours .

but you had your own style ,

as you choosed your style and

allowed your style to inspire you


Despite all,

you made a Name

your Music of 70s saw you with a rare Quality ,

Your ability to try roles also in Kinos and stage

made up the Person you were ,

” Songs like Merry Xmas, Mr Lawrence , China Girl

the next day and many more will always be remenbered .


You interested yourself with culture

Now you are gone, but not forgotten .

Have a safe journey and may the Lord

forgive you and accept you in His paradise .

Adieu, goodbye , Tshüss a Musical legend .