As we draw closer to 2016, lets not forget to make  our resolutions  . Every Newyear comes always blank  or looks like a blank book , let us all take up our pens and write down some plans , dont Forget  `a Goal without a plan is just a wish  ` – Antoine de Saint-Exupery – ,.  So make your plans  .

Make it so attainable and realistic . There is no need making and drawing unimmaginable  plans . Lets resolve to make things right , whether you are speaking to yourself  aloud or silently , make a wise decision .

Think and reflect on your last year `s  plans and see how far you went with your  plans  , incase if you did  , if you did not , you still have a chance in 2016 to write your plans down  .

What went wrong ?, where did you miss out and what best could  you have done ?, if not still sure,   this is your chance  to make a better 2016 ? .

Dont Forget every newyear comes with its challenges and obstacles . Obstcles and challenges are there to bring out the best in you  , so take up the challenges , you are equal to it .

” Successful men and  women keep moving , they make mistakes, but dont quit “- Conrad Hilton -,.

Dont leave God behind , He is the best companion, go always with faith, love, dedication and faireness.  Be fair to yourself, in so doing you will learn to treat others with fairness.

Lets not carry the ills and failures of 2015  into 2016, lets use the failures of 2015 to make a better 2016 . It is a Newyear, new begining, new faith, new hope and a  new life  . Lets make it better , because we are the world and the people  .

It is not late to write your plans for 2016  ! . Have  you forgotten ? , make your plans and write them down, the year is still blank and we all have the chance to do so now.  Dont begin this year without some proper plans , now is your very good chance, take up your blank book and your pen  and just write your plans  .

Let the year 2016 be better than 2015, let there be no more  Terror , no more war , no kidnapping and no more  crimes. Let there be justice and  peace on earth again.

Let there be less corruption and  let the leaders know their responsibilities , and know what People expect from them.

Let the citizens be united and be  good  citizens again . Let there exists a world where children will freely move around with no fear of being kidnapped, raped or killed .  Let there be hope for our children .

Let there be less hatred and let us learn to forgive more in the year 2016.

Let us learn to communicate, and avoid leaving our future generations only  at the  mercy  of computer and  mobile phones. Let Whattsapp not only speak for us, let us resume the old way of communicating .

Let us learn and appreciate the joy of  a family, love of the family and care for our brothers .

To you all Family, friends , neighbours , confidants , thank you for helping improve my life , i wish you all the love you have shown me   and may God remain our big pillar !.

And to the world, i wish we experience  more peace and love  . And to all the world leaders , i wish you take up your blank papers and pen now and write  down  what you want to do better for your citizens and  for the world in the year 2016 . We need no more war, no corruption , no terror but peace  .

We need better perspectives for our children. The world is in your Hands , be good leaders and seek for the happiness of your citizens .

Let us  be there for one another irrespective of colour, ethnic Groups , nationality  sex and class .

Let us know that this is a fresh newyear and that we all have the responsibilities  to  make 2016  better  . Take your blank paper and pen and re-write the tragedies of 2015  .

I wish everyone a happy newyear, joy , peace and most importantly that  peace finds its place again on earth .

Happy 2016 to everyone ! .