In few  hours  time  we  shall be celebrating another Christmas.  I have this simple wish for everyone out there. I wish that the world will experience  peace  again ,  and that the feelings of Christmas with the lyric Songs from different artists  brings us hopes and forgiveness which the world desperately needs.

That the  newyear brings us a new hope and a new begining. That we learn to respect one another and learn to be our brother´s keeper. Remenber this is Christmas a time for reflection  and a time that reminds us that sin may not enslave us.

Spread the friendship that Christmas brings  beyond your belief. Embrace the good News because this is Christmas .

This is Christmas, make it Special and make someone  just happy. Give love , give hope, open doors and be a kind Person. Let this Christmas help us see what we are doing wrong and learn to do good again.

Let us care for one another and let us not stop caring after Christmas. Let us spread the good news and  give love and affection to those most dearly in need.

Let us learn to be kind, to love and give love in return. Let us learn to do things the way of God , in so doing we will not kill and we will not steal public properties, and the world will be  at peace  again  . There wont be much hatred , and there wont be no more war, no more displacement of people and no more Terror attacks .

we will learn to do justice and speak in truth. In so doing we will walk in the way of God and avoid evil ways.

Let us not only share Gifts and presents only on Christmas days ,  let us not only sing These beautiful Songs only on Christmas , let us continue even beyond Christmas and make it a habit. Let Christmas  be and remain the most sherished time of  our lives .

we have to do all these because Christmas is a must and there is no way we can end any year without Christmas.

This is Christmas time !

may God bless us all in this Christmas. May  the  joy  of this Christmas  help us  to regain our hopes,  faith and trust that have perished in the wave of Terror and war . May the world never experience pain again .

Spread the good News, and let everyone know that this is Christmas. Wish yourself something good. Join together and let us celebrate the joy of christimas. it is Christmas praise the Lord .

May this Christmas touch the heart of the hardened and terrorists of any Kind to drop their guns and bomb and allow the joy of Christmas to take over the world, and may this Christmas console the bereaved  ,  heal those who are sick and give hopes to the hopeless .

May we all have Christmas filled with faith, and love. May the happiness that Christmas brings linger and become golden in our lives .

I wish everyone good health , merry Christmas and a  better hope for tomorrow.