It took me many years to understand what i am sharing with you now . I faced my  rough times, and i nearly got drowned . It is not easy and no one will ever tell you that it is going to be  easy . There  is a lot of emotional fight out there , so be very prepared to face your challenge .

Whatever you are going through  or experiencing now, see it as a process of gestation and not a threat  in your life .  Not everyone or everything that comes to your life is meant to stay forever. Nothing is permanent , even the life we live.

” When you think everything that went wrong in your life  is someone´s fault , you will suffer a lot . When you realise that everything springs only from yourself , you will learn both peace and joy  “,- the 14th Dalai Lama-.

The tough Moment will always come , those patches and gallops will sure come, depending on the form it chooses to come. We all go through moments in our lives, in different forms and in different times. Every cross has a name, my is sure to be different from yours, but they are difficulties and obstacles  in our eyes.

Dont Forget ! God will never give you a challenge that you can not deal with. When you have your cross at anytime of your life, dont be impatient and dont force nature ,  you may grumble, that is just human ,complain less , face your turbulent time strongly , tap strength from God  and listen to your voice , God may have a message for you, otherwise ,there is always someone  out there with a ray of light .

Learn to deal with waves that come your way,  you are not alone , and no one is immuned . When this happens as it may take a different name , dont curse the day you were born , simply trust God .

Redeem yourself and dont let the Situation control you, be always in control . It is your turbulence, there is always a time and moment set for this . God knows what is going on in your life , dont do it alone.

Make prayer a part of you and you see how difficulties would strengthen you . Instead of wasting all your time thinking about all that went wrong , or what People did to delay your future or success , use that time to concentrate on how to control the situation . Learn to be happy even in the face of difficulties , thank God for what you have, afterall you are aLife and can still change a lot .

Have you thought of those who are dead ? , what can they do and what can they change again ?. The time on earth is too short to have to waste every minute blaming things that went wrong in your life .

If we Keep on thinking of the rough and terrible moments of our lives , when we felt hopeless, useless and completely empty. When we felt that the whole world was against us , we will forever not learn from our difficulties.

Every rough time you are facing or have faced have bunch of lessons that can help you sharpen your future. Dont miss this lessons , because they will be your best teacher.

When you cant do it, dont Forget to seek the help of God , but please dont miss the lessons, because experience is the best teacher.