My dearest People  !

As the  end of the year is approaching , we need time to reflect on what we have achieved in this year ” 2015″. If you have made it till now, give God the glory , because His mercy endures forever.

For many , it was a good or average  year  and for others , it was a sad, empty, void and painful year .

What did you offer 2015, were you happy reflecting back at what you did ? , or if given the chance would you have wanted to do something differently?

Whatever the year was for you , it is about coming to an end and calls for a deep reflection.  Reflection on our lives, our contributions in our homes, workplaces, communities ,states, nations . What did you do right or wrong in the year ” 2015 ” and are you willing to change ? or do better  ? .

Where you are now, is that where you were supposed to be or are you thinking right now , no , am going to set an attainable  goal for myself  in 2016, and am going to do it better.

Leaders  in Africa , and in the world are your conscience telling you that you have done well ? , ruled your People well, respected their rights? ,shared  nations wealth equally  ? . Are you honestly satistified at what you have given  in so far  as a leader or are you willing to step down for a better and competent Person, or are you going to reflect and call your cabinet for a change ?. Be honest to yourselves  , and embrace the truth .

If you are thinking the way am thinking right now , i invite you to join me to make the year  “2016  ” a much much better year .

let us  let go of our hatred towards one another , fear and regrets . We just need to do this so as to make room for peace. The world is so hungry for love and peace. Let peace shine , and let us fill our thoughts with positive  things  and surround ourselves with positive thinking -minded-People  , because our thoughts  and people around us goes a long way to determine our future .

Lets put in more time to positive things around us and waste less time on planning with bad People.

2015, witnessed a lot of Terror attack, Batachlan in Paris is still bleeding, Mali, Nigeria , Bernadinoh in US . People are displaced and are made strangers in a strange land.

You know yourself , and cant afford to lie to yourself , we all know they right thing  to do  ,  come on  ! lets go.  Do yourselves a favour , reflect and give up your guns, and bombs.  We  need no more war in 2016. So let us all reflect on 2015 , so as to make a better 2016.

You have a life, a better life than being a Terrorist , Kidnapper  and  a criminal. Just commit your life to something good, because , that is just the life you want to live .

Just have a look around you, you will see that the world is tired of all these , bombings , terrorizing , and kinappings. We live in a free world !. The world is not meant to be crippled by your actions.    Surround yourself with People who are positive and believe in respect of mankind.

If you make yourself beautiful inside , it will sure reflect on your outside .

We need all mankind, to make ” 2016 ” a better year, with no blood shedding,  no bombing  , no kidnapping and no more wars , so please let us make out time to reflect on ” 2015 ” .

So my dear People ! get love, get peace  and get going , because collectively we shall make 2016 a better year .