Advent time is for many  ,a time of the year meant for decorations, buying and wrapping of gifts and Exchange of visits . Is that all truely what  Advent is for us ?.

Advent is a Season of vigilance , waiting  and lighting of candles that is symbolical for hope, restoration and keeping awake for our messiah .

Let us use this Season of waiting to pray for the world,  that the commemoration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ  increase our lost hopes , faith, tolerance and love . That this Season be used positively as Moment of reflections and repentance.

We live life today , not sure of tomorrow , but very sure of yesterday, because we were lucky to witness it and it is gone .

Paris is not the only City in mourning, Beirut, Mali ,a part of Nigeria  and many others.  Anger is growing , bitterness and more hatred is spreading . Everytime a part of the world is attacked , it is a crime on the world and humanity .

Think about Advent and reflect on it as the commemoration of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ . Let us prepare and change our ways . Let Advent  be that  hilarious , heartwarming , and that Moment of joy for us. Let it bring joy to the world. like we have always known it for .

Killers / Terrorist / Kidnappers and all evidoers reflect  on Advent and Change, stop this crime on mankind, and offer something good to the world in this Advent.