” Bear one another´s burdens , and so fulfil the law of Christ ,” – Mattew 23-35. Learning or accepting to be our  brother´s keeper will enable us completely fulfil God´s will , love and not hate, tolerate and not intolerance , respect and not disrespect, build and not disrupt.

Jesus authorized us  with authority to love one another and to care for one another. When we do this together we will accept to live in peace with one another  and in so doing ” protect our brother from any harm “.

The Minute we  accept to be our brother´s keeper , love and light will shine again on earth.  People will refuse to join suicide bombings . Man made  agony  will be reduced ,  there will be no new terror offers,  as  was recently in Paris , Beirut, Mali , Nigeria. Irak and Syria  will have peace . The world will be in less mess and we will learn to respect every Person,  irrespective of race, religeon or sex .

” Be your brother´s keeper and follow the right way , which is the truth.

Though unseen , holds the key to right judgement , and stops the evil way that will hurt your brother. Seek wise men when you are in doubt, for wisdom seek is wisdom found.

Hurt not the world anymore, be your brother´s keeper , for in the eyes of God we all are the same.  Surrender your guns, and stop making war, learn to say love instead of hatred and learn to preach peace instead of war.

No more war ! for when we accept to take care of one another, communicate with one another , speak with one another. the world will be a better place to live .