Ibo Nigerian German based Art Unleashed , BEFFTA Award winner  Vivian Timothy , known for series of paintings with heavy African Accent , exhibited her love again on her beloved continent Africa as she displayed her motives, in a creative way that left the audience mostly  Germans with wow ! wow Vivian  remarks.

Wednesday 11/11/15,  at an African week in Augsburg   ushered in  another moment of high emotion as Vivian Timothy used her creative artwork to talk about the exploitation of Africa´s natural resources , corruption and the setback on Africa´s  development. Check her at http://www.art_unleashed .com. and see art unleashed at work.

Her style of paintings  stand as an adventure , motivation for those voices that are oppressed , suppressed and are seeking for their identities.

Vivian has made Impact  in a short time with her paintings , ranging from stories of African women , to realism. She has evoked as much awe at the real world of painting.

In her recent Exhibition  on  wed. 11/11/15 at Hollbau, Annahof, Ausstelungsraug , in Augsburg   vivian  manged to put together through her paintings  , by using her canvas of composition to create and make her story in distinctly african styles,  using   her yellow   and mixed colours , to bring the fantastic world africa in focus.

The stunning thing is the authenticity of her paintings  and the fascinating way she uses her paintings to tell stories , by making us see the world and what she thinks  through her paintings.

Paintings that are  surrounded with feelings that  are evoking and rich  in emotions

Colours  and brush that have  squeezed and described  things which ordinarily would require a writer to write pages .

Like  other artists  ” Nature is light and the Artist is but smart prism “- John Tiong Chunghoo -,.