” Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, love leaves a Memory no one can steal “- Mitch Albom -.

Is death the end of life ?. What pains we go through when we loose a loved one . Does it mean that they are gone ?. I cant say that they are gone and diminish into a thin air.

I mean that they are just away to somewhere , to a place unknown to us , and known only to them  , but for them a journey to paradise.

Are we merely Players on earth as Shakespear Williams  quoted !.

The world is a stage ,where one man in his time Plays so many roles, and dies when mother nature calls him.

When a loved one Exit the world, in whichever form, whether young or old, killed through Terror attack, by way of natural death or sickness and disease. For us alive , no death is good.

We often dont talk about death ,because we live in a death denying Society .

Think of the dead as taking a journey and pray that the journey ends in paradise with the angel waiting to receive the dead.

When this happens,

a part of you feels empty ,

and you are left doubting and asking why ?

we get saddened and break our heads ,

our hearts are broken, and tears flow unceasingly.

we refused to be consoled .

Agony swirls and take us  through the path of depression .

The loved one is just away on a journey  , think of your loved one with gratitude and give God the glory.

Make the Exit of a loved one a reminder , that one day we all shall get into this way of journey . No one knows when , but live a good life.

Dont say i wish, because the demise of a loved one reminds us to re-define our ways and seek for God´s ways.

The head may refused to think right.

Cry and mourn because it is a healing process, but dont be too hard on yourself  , afterall your loved one just took a trip somewhere , they are not gone, they will continue to be a part of us. It is a journey , a path that all of us sooner or later will thred on . Take heart and let us pray for our deceased ones .

” Death was`nt a movie where the pretty star faded away with a touch of pale make up and every hair in place  “- Soheir Khashoggi -.