Turn on your Radio, the News is the same. No day passes by without the News about conflict, Terror , bloody attacks.  If we are not hearing about inter-state conflicts , we are hearing about  religious and ethnic conflicts, kidnapping , rapes, killing of innocent People, People leaving their homes in masses to escape war and Terror at home , and an unending Horror  which  we never would have imagined in the world of today.

Will there ever be peace again on earth ? are we living in an unsecured  world  ?. Everyone lives in fear because you go out and you are not sure of making it back home the same day.  Home is also no longer that secured ” Milieu ” that it was meant to be . You are either in fear of armed-robbers , or your neighbour, because you are not sure if he is a friend or enemy.

In the past , Europe, Asia, America were seen as better and safer places  after the cold wars. Today the increase in conflicts, Terror attacks , killings have taken a new dimension. No place is safe again.

Where then are we safe ? and who do we run to ? , and who can shelter us from the ills of man ?. This is not a Nation fighting against another Nation. This is Man fighting against Man.  Before , enemies  go about in mask , but today they all  dress  so cooperate, and go about doing Things like  normal People .

This makes it so difficult to distinguish between  bad and good People .  In fact , this  has abound to insecurity in the world . Anyone could be a victim, and everyone is a potential victim to this new era of violence.

The world is divided and have different views and opinions. The world look more like  a stage where the acclaimed strong Parade in guns, ammunitions and throw People into Panics at their own choosen times .

The truth is that the world will never be the same  again. Our unborn children will not have the choice of being happy again , because the world has grown too insecure to secure People .

What are we trying to achieve and whose interest do we want to represent ?, that of Man or God ?.

You think it is ending, next minute you turn on your Radio , be sure to have your tissue paper to clean your eyes, because what you are about to  hear will throw you into panic, doubts and tears.

Who would believe what is going on in our world of today !. Indeed,  so many questions , and so many  unanswered  questions. What is Happening , can anyone tell me that it is all nightmare !.

Bloody Friday ,13th 2015 ;  for France this is another day  that could make one wonder, and ask  how ? with all the security  ?.10months  after the death of Charlie Hebdo  ! .Are we not tired of unrest ?.

The world is mourning,

Where then are we safe ! . What type of time and era are we in ?.

I write today , this Minute to remind us all that allegiance to God and whatever good Person you believe in is above any allegiance to Government, Group or power.

Stand up and join to stop unnecessary killings . Join Hands and let us pray for peace ,  learn to be loyal to God and devote our lives to God, place God above all powers of the world , above all Things  and the grace to say no to all evils.

God you reign and continues to reign in the world. Come and make your world habitable once more. Let there be peace and let us make the world a better place to live .