If you are a leader or aspiring to be a leader in Africa , aspire to be a true and good leader . Make yourself credible and worthy. Use your Leadership Position to empower a common man on the street of Africa , so that he can be the best Version of himself.

Let the ruled trust you.  Be  faithful, truthful and transparent. If  You are in  Leadership or going in to represent People of Africa , dont Forget that Africans  have been battered, neglected , misused  and robbed .

Be a good and faithful leader, because Afrika as a continent is a challenge to anyone who takes up the mantle of Leadership. Face the challenge and give Afrikans a Little reason to fight for today and look up for tomorrow. Encourage and motivate the ruled-

” For the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small Stones “- Concuis .

” Success in anything is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics “- Tony Robins-

You are not there for your personal reasons . Let the past be used to correct the mistake of today and tomorrow. Have a Vision and positive mindset  for Africa , surround your Leadership with Goal achievers. Live for your People – and dont make yourself a life president . Take risk and get out of your comfort Zone –

” life isn´t worth living unless it is lived for someone else ” – Albert Einstein-.

”   True Leadership should have confidence to stand alone , the Courage to make tough decisions , and the compassion to listen to the needs of others  “- Douglas MacArthur-

Afrika as a continent is bleeding, crying and burning. The blessings from mother nature has turned out to be a curse in most African countries.

No Vision in most African countries , values are lost, no one want to take responsiblity for what is going wrong, but everyone wants to rule. Call People to order, anyone can fail. Those  stealing public properties , should be brought to  order, dont quit Africa , rather do  something worth talking about or plan something worth doing .

Make moving Africa Forward  a Habit  !. Avoid Walking in the stead of corrupt leaders. Stop following  crowd and be bold enough to believe that you can Change Africa . Learn to take the winning stead –

Winners never quit and quitters have never been  known to win .

The Situation in most African countries is not easy , we know, this is a mess of many years . Dont quit Africa, get back on the sit and talk business, make Africa your concern .  Find out why things are not working, this should be done honestly and fairly . Focus on rebuilding africa, give African Nation a productive education and emplyoyment, stop foreign aids and learn to  be productive .

Africa is burning those with oil are burning, fisheries and Agriculture are no more, raw materials are exported and re-imported .Money here and Money there , yet the poor man on the street is stripped and can not eat.   Everything is going wrong . Africans know it but Africans are tired, Burnout and robbed of their confidence, Diamonds , Gold , oil and others are exchanged. instead of rebuilding we  are been giving weapons in exchange  to shut , kill and get more confused, because it is in this confused state that the thieves operates better.

The call it blood Diamond, they call it oil Spill and others . Africans are hungry for stability, perspective and Food . They are tired of war, displacement and assylum seeking.

so to you Africans and African leaders , ” Learn from yesterday , hope for tomorrow , the important Thing is not to stop questioning – Albert Einstein-

Art Unleashed -Kunst entfesselt ( Vivian Timothy )  will speak with her  paintings on the 11/11/15 at Hollbau, Arnahof, Ausstellungsraum  Augsburg at 19.30pm on the exploitation of African´s Mineral resources and its Impact on the growth of african´s economy .

19/11 at Zeugshaus , Zeuplatz, hollsall b -Augsburg at 19.30pm – follows  full presentation on Rich Africa and poor Africans  ( Clara Meierdierks ), all in an attempt to give hope to Africans  and remind them about the Need  to fight and not quit Africa, and to remind us all that ”  its not that the Nation who have made it are smart, its just that they stayed with Problems longer , and never quit on the way ” – Albert Einstein-