” Sooner or later , those who win are those who think they can win ” .- Richard Bach –

Anything in life could be reached.
Every goal set could be achieved
Goals are meant to be reached ,
only those who want to win
persist and get going ,
úntil the win,

i would like to share this joy with you all out there . I love this Quote , and it has worked for me
” Effort is a commitment to seeing a Task through to the end, not just until you get tired of it ” .- Howard Cate –

Vivian Timothy , ” the art-unleashed, the light that shined after many years is nominated – best spoken word Artist / poets by ” The Beffta UK 2015 , from 30/10-31/10/15, a Grand celebration of talented personalities. This is the reward of hardwork, persistence and mastering the act of not giving up. Congratulations Vivian , the sky is your Limit, and the universe is there for you to explore more. Go get it you deserved it .

” for now you know one of the greatest principles of success , if you persist Long enough you will win “.- Og Madino-.

Vivian Timothy , a self-made artists , started this journey two years ago . She persisted and refused to give up even with challenges of life . She took steps without minding the challenges of trying to succeed . ” Failures and mistakes ” the horrow of every Newcomer could not stop her . Every artists knows what am talking about . What to present to People if you are an artists , and what to write if you are a writer. The doubts and questions that always come to mind is ” how will People react, what will i present to them . Vivian considered every move as a challenge . Each obstacle made her richer in Knowledge and stronger in her creative world. She became better and better everyday .

We are the ones, we are the Heros, we refused to give in to hard-times.
Defeat was not a companion , and not a word in her dictionary .
out of impossibility ,Vivian revived a Hobby , a Hobby that have told many stories and will still tell more . Stories that have touched both Young and old , Stories that have moved People .

” Keep on going , and the chances are that you will stumble on something , perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down “.- Charles F. Kettering-

She endured, worked hard , persisted, bent the doubts
and twisted the fears,

for each Trial
led her to another
more step
gave her this huge
success .

Vivian this is just the begining .
You are an Inspiration to those who are Close to you,
A fighter and an empowerment ,
A Charisma ,and a good friend .

Your hardwork has taken you where God has designed for you
Go get it, you are a winner and you will always win .

” the little step you have taken have brought you this far ” – Thanks for proving John Heywood right ” Nothing is impossible to a willing heart “-. Inshort ” The future belongs to those who believe in the Beauty of their dreams ” .- Eleanor Roosevelt -. Vivian ! the future is yours , God will see you through , because you are just begining.

Congratulations from all of us and for those aspiring and struggling with their dreams, please struggle hard, work hard . Vivian did, she worked day and night to conquer the temptations to bury her dream.

” I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strenght to persevere and endure inspite of overwhelming obstacles “.- Christopher Reeve -.

Vivian you are my hero, and i love you . Thanks for  reminding all aspiring artists  to think of what pains it will cost them for not living their dreams !.

” When  you feel like giving up , remenber why you Held on for so Long in the first place “.- Author unknown.