We all have something worth sharing , a life full of Memories, good and bad ones. When deeply distressed over any Situation ” pray and persist .

” The son of God persisted in prayers when He  faced the  agony of the cross ”

When we persist we get answers that we are looking for.  The Story of Brenan, gave me hopes and made me more sensitive to   ” a world full of broken and desperate souls , longing to hear honest words of another  ” .

Wake up every morning with a positive mindset: even when you think everything Looks hopeless, when a Family  member is sick, dying , loss of Job, your child is not doing well, your Business is falling apart and your marriage is breaking _ These are some challenges we are confronted with most times .

The honest Thing i can tell you is to be persistent in praying  and in yourself  even when you think your prayers are not being  answered : ask God for strength and mercy,  most,  importantly be persistent . So pray- persist , let us ask, seek , knock “- Mattew 7 ;7-8.

When you are Feeling bad ,

think positive,

when all hopes are lost

think good,

When you dont find any way


Dont give up !

When you dont understand why

Still think good,

When it is still not working

Find the three P´s

Pray , Pursue and persist

Strieve hard ,

you will become what you are meant to be.