The pains we go through in life, the stories we tell and the untold stories about us.
Everyone has a dream if not more ,and everyone will have to go through the struggling lane, whichever way , we all have stories about us, stories that have made us laugh and stories that have made us cry.

I had broken stories in the past , struggled through difficulties , disappointment, failures .

What do i want to achieve : i want to inspire People with my writing journey , to be bold about their past , in so doing , turning minor Moments to extraordinary Moments, and to encourage People to look into their innerself and get strength.

Life is challenging , sometimes we just feel like letting life pass us by.
” the good Thing about challenge is that, it is positive and inspiring ,
if only we see it from our innerself ,and not blame others .

In some Moments of difficulty, you Need to be present, medidate and seek God´s face , difficult Moments has always something for us to take home with.

If difficulties are faced without bitterness, hatred, loss of concentration , and trust in God , we tend to come out better than we ever could imagine. Inspiration from God prompts us to move Forward and never fall back to our holes.

As Long as we live, we will face constant struggle , be it self, home, /Family, work, and others .
In any Situation Keep a free mind, learn to pray, trust what God can do with you ,seek for what keeps you happy, avoid silly thoughts persist and never ever give up your struggle , you are a winner.